Friday, March 25, 2011

spring 2011

hey everyone,

we've got some exciting news: we have a new webstore available through our friends at hellfish. head over there to check out some of our new merch and keep an eye on it because we'll be adding more stuff all the time, including limited designs you can only get there.

we've got some shows lined up for april including a local one on april 2nd at the underground with the author and the fair and debonair. should be a good time so come out and pick up their new cd's. we're also playing california uber alles fest in hermosa beach, CA this year with a ton of great regional bands. this fest is looking the be the next sink with cali!

in case you haven't heard, we're also playing the panic records showcase with trial, make do and mend, another breath and a TON of other great bands. we'll also be doing a full US tour around the fest (more info about that will be coming soon).

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