Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updates coming

I just looked over this Blog and realized that a lot of it is out of date and that we look pretty lazy. Well, we just look like we're lazy. We have an actual legit website in the works that's going up soon (and only about a year overdue). Which would still make us the laziest sods in the desert. Oh well, better late then never, right? Right...

Ok, well, the year is shaping up pretty well, but not everything is finalized yet. So, as of right now, we'll be on tour from mid-May through mid-June with a stop at the Panic Records Showcase at Rainfest and we were added to this year's Sound & Fury lineup (which is pretty damn awesome). We're not sure if we'll be touring around S&F yet, but we do know that we're working on hitting Europe in the Fall. So, if you're across the pond, keep your eyes open we should be out there soon!

The LP has been received very well, but since we're lazy of course, I just realized that we haven't updated the reviews page thingy... we'll put all that crap up when we get the new site up.

Ok, until there's more to update, see ya!

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